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Dual Enrollment

What is the Dual Enrollment (DE) program?

Georgia’s dual enrollment program allows 11th and 12th grade high school students to earn college or technical college credit while working on their high school diploma. 10th grade high school students are limited to technical college programs, and 9th grade students are no longer eligible.  ALL students now have a maximum of thirty (30) credit hours the Georgia Student Finance Commission will fund.

Why was the Dual Enrollment program created?

Dual Enrollment aims to expand opportunities by increasing the number of courses students can take for college or technical college credit and removing financial barriers to student participation.
The goal of Dual Enrollment is to not only increase college and technical college access and completion, but to also prepare students to enter the workforce with the skills they need to succeed.

Benefits for a student participating in the Dual Enrollment program:

  • Introduces students to college-level coursework.
  • Earning college credits while still in high school may enable students to graduate early.
  • Helps students adjust to certain aspects of the college experience (e.g., classes, coursework, instruction, being on a college campus) so the transition from high school to college may be easier.
  • Students who participate in a dual enrollment program are more likely to go to college and get a college degree.
  • Students may be able to take classes that are not offered at their high school, especially in subject areas they are interested in for a potential career.
  • Participating in a dual enrollment program demonstrates a student’s ability to handle more difficult coursework which is something college admissions officers may look upon favorably during admissions and recruiting.
  • Taking college-level classes while still in high school may build confidence and encourage those students who may not be thinking about college to reconsider.

How Do I Get More Information?

Schedule an appointment with your BCHS counselor before

completing any dual enrollment paperwork or applications.

Seniors (Cohort 2024) -- Mr. George Lee -- [email protected]
Juniors (Cohort 2025) -- Mrs. Mallory Doyle -- [email protected]
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