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Welcome to the BCHS MEDIA CENTER!

It is the mission of the BCHS Media Center to guarantee that students and staff, have access to and are effective users of information and to promote life-long learning.
To ensure this mission is accomplished, the BCHS Media Center will: 
  • Provide intellectual and physical access to materials in all formats
  • Provide instruction to foster competence and stimulate interest in reading, viewing, and using information and ideas 
  • Provide leadership, instruction, and consulting assistance in the use of instructional and informational technologies

The goal of the library program is creating students who are information literate.

The students who are information literate:

  • Develop skills and knowledge as an active locator and user of information to solve problems and to satisfy their own curiosity
  • Grows as a lifelong learners and appreciates various forms of literature
  • Uses information in responsible and creative ways
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Use the Galileo database to find articles, journals, magazines, or newspapers  for research. Ask your Media Specialist for the unique BCHS password and click on the image above to login.

Announcing Mobile GALILEO!


The main GALILEO portal is now optimized for mobile devices. GALILEO will recognize your device and present you with a homepage optimized for your screen. If you log in with your school’s password, you will see the Discover search box and links to just a few databases appropriate for K-12 users.



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