Braddock, Joseph » Introduction:


Hello parents and students! My name is Mr. Braddock, but most students call me Mr. B. I am beginning my third year in education and my third year teaching overall. 
I graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in History and Social Studies Education. I was placed in an economics classroom during my student teaching experience, and I fell in love with the subject. All six of my classes this year are Economics.
It can be an intimidating, but economics is also a vital part of life after high school--specifically personal finance. I try my hardest to make this class fun and enjoyable experience for your student (I tell my students every year I aim for being a fun teacher at least three days a week.) Another main goal of mine is to make the class more rigorous and academically challenging for your student. I have a bunch of new ideas that I am ready to role out this year.
I look forward to teaching all of my students and learning from what they have to teach me. The information on this page can help students be successful in my class as well as provide both parents and students with ways to contact me. Thank you, and let's have a great year!