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Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself...

My name is Gregory Johnson-Monroe, and this will be my 17th year teaching, but my 6th year at Burke County High School (BCHS). I will be teaching the following courses this year:  Essentials of Healthcare Science, Emergency First Responder, and Allied Healthcare. These courses  are offered first and second semester. I am a former Firefighter for Augusta/Richmond County.  I am a registered Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and a Certified Surgical Technologist/First Assistant. I am a certified CPR Instructor and Heart Saver Instructor. 
Chromebooks, Notebooks, Pen or Pencil, and a GREAT attitude are expected to be brought to class EVERYDAY!!!
Due to our extended learning circumstance, I am posting my Google Classroom codes, and the links, for those of you who need it. And here is a link to the WEEKLY OVERVIEW PAGE for our lessons.  You will be able to find the syllabus in the Google Classroom links below.

Semester 1                                   

Essentials of Healthcare  (2nd Block) -    dsdbqir    
EMS First Responder       (3rd Block) -     tp6jh44   
Essentials of Healthcare  (4th Block) -     xoxyfjo       

Semester 2

Allied Health (1st Block) - TBA
Allied Health (3rd Block) - TBA
Essentials     (4th Block) - TBA

My Daily Class Schedule 2022 - 2023

FALL Semester
7:50 - 9:30     1st Block:  Planning
9:34 - 11:05   2nd Block: Essentials of Healthcare
11:09 - 1:10   3rd Block:  Emergency First Responder
1:14 - 2:55     4th Block:  Essentials of Healthcare 
SPRING Semester
7:50 - 9:30      1st Block:  Allied Health
9:34 - 11:05    2nd Block:  Allied Health  
11:09 - 1:10    3rd Block:  Planning
1:24 - 2:55      4th Block:  Essentials of Healthcare

BCHS School Mission and Vision

The mission of the Burke County Public School System is to ignite a passion for learning that leads to excellence. 
Our vision is that each student leaves equipped for a world of possibilities.
The core business of BCPS is preparing students for their best future!
Burke County High School
1057 Burke Veterans Pkwy
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