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Ms. Hill's Website

WELCOME to my website.  My name is Ashley Hill and I will be teaching your child this year.  I am looking forward to working closely with you this year. I want you to know a little about me and important information about the course.
This is my second year teaching in the science department at Burke County High School. I started teaching in 2017 after working in the product safety and regulatory affairs industry for almost 10 years. I have an undergraduate degree in Biology and a graduate degree in Public Health.
If you need to meet with me please schedule an appointment through me or your child's guidance counselor.  I am located at 1057 Burke Veterans Parkway Room 304. The fastest way to get in contact with me is to text me at 706-751-9070.

Mission and Vision


Mission:  The mission of the Burke County Public School System is to ignite a passion for learning that leads to excellence.


Vision:  Our vision is that each student leaves equipped for a world of possibilities.


If you would like to view the Student-Parent Handbook, please CLICK HERE

I will be your child's Biology teacher this year. Your child will study a variety of life processes and learn how different organisms meet the challenges of living in their environment. Please review my class syllabus to stay updated on class expectations, assignments (Google Classroom), and how to contact me for parent teacher conferences or to schedule tutoring sessions.
Your student will submit all assignments in Google Classroom. To access Google Classroom, please click here, click on Google Classroom, and click on your block.
Also, please review the pacing guide for this course to see what your child will be learning in Biology each week.
Don't forget to sign up for Parent Portal to monitor your child's grades.  Contact the front office to complete this task.
Tutoring is available on Tuesday and Thursdays.
The Georgia Standards of Excellence drives this course. You can find them listed in the syllabus and at Georgia Standards. Please click here to get to them and then select the course you want to view.
Here's my class schedule:

First Semester

1st Block - Biology - 7:50-9:25AM

2nd Block - Biology - 9:30-11:05

3rd Block- Planning - 11:10AM-1:10PM


4th Block - Biology - 1:15PM-2:50PM

Class Expectations
  • Be ready to work when the bell rings.
  • Bring all materials needed to class—notebooks, pencils/pens, homework, etc. 
  • Take notes and participate in class activities.
  • Groom before coming to class—this includes but is not limited to: brushing/combing hair, lotion, nails, applying makeup, etc. 
  • Be responsible for getting the work they miss due to absences.  To get this work you need to SEE ME—the TEACHER as your assignment will be based on your needs not the needs of another student.
  • RESPECT others and other’s property—the school’s, student’s, and teacher’s.—If it is not yours please leave it alone
  • Come to class ready to learn.  

Cell Phones

My classroom is a default red zone.  Students may ONLY have their phones out during the first 2 minutes of class.  After that, phones should be silenced and put away.  Phones will be confiscated for the rest of the class period if they are taken back out without EXPLICIT permission from the teacher.  Confiscated phones will be returned at the end of the class period.  Students who habitually have their phones out during class will face the consequences outlined in the Code of Conduct. 

School Supplies List
Spiral Notebook
Pen or Pencil
Great Attitude