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Meet Ms. Avery

Ms. LaChonna L. Avery, Assistant Principal of Instruction and IBCP Coordinator,

I am honored to serve as the Assistant Principal of Instruction and IBCP Coordinator at Burke County High School (BCHS). I have over 23 years of years teaching and leading educational experiences. After graduating from Paine College, I earned a Bachelor's Degree from Paine College, a Master's Degree from Lesley University, and an Ed.S. in Educational Administration from Augusta University. My career experiences; include a General Equivalent Education Teacher, a Special Education and Gifted Teacher, a Mentor and Teacher Leader, an Instructional & Personalized Learning Coach, an Assistant Principal of Instruction, and a Director of Special Education and School Improvement. As an educator, I am passionate about developing our future leaders into caring innovators. When students apply themselves and move beyond negativity, I find it rewarding to demonstrate that everyone can succeed in adversarial situations. As we collaborate with school staff, students, parents, and others to witness growth and milestones so our students can leave school feeling loved, intelligent, and ready for life, career, and college. Burke County High School proudly offers our students the International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme. This unique and exciting opportunity for our 11th and 12th-grade students bring together the mission, vision, and philosophy of the International Baccalaureate creating an educational experience that is flexible to attend to individual student needs and interests and academically challenging to prepare students for the ever-changing world of work in the 21st century. At BCHS, the IBCP certificate is a "value-added" qualification that strengthens their preparation for post-secondary study and entrance into professional careers in Criminal Law, Technology, Engineering, and Health Science.  

International Baccalaureate Career-Related Program:

The career-related study is designed to prepare students for higher education, an internship or apprenticeship, or a position in a designated field of interest.

It allows students to learn about theories and concepts through application and practice while developing broad-based skills in authentic and meaningful contexts. Students who complete the programme receive the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme Certificate, the certification awarded by the career-related study provider, and, if applicable, their secondary school high school diploma.

What the CP offers students?

The CP provides a comprehensive educational framework that combines highly regarded and internationally recognized courses, from the IB Diploma Programme (DP), with a unique CP core and an approved career-related study.

The CP develops students to be:

  • Academically strong
  • Skilled in a practical field
  • Critical and ethical thinkers
  • Self-directed
  • Collaborative
  • Resilient and determined
  • Confident and assured
  • Caring and reflective
  • Inquirers

Why offer IB Career-related Programme?

The CP helps students to prepare for effective participation in life, fostering attitudes and habits of mind that allow them to become lifelong learners and to get involved in learning that develops their capacity and will to make a positive difference.

The programme aids schools' retention of students, promotes the development of skills and encourages students to take responsibility for their actions, encouraging high levels of self-esteem through meaningful achievements.

A vital feature of the CP is its flexibility to allow for local differences. For example, each school creates its distinctive version of the CP to meet its students' needs, backgrounds, and contexts. 




How the CP works?

The CP's three-part framework comprises the study of at least two Diploma Programme (DP) courses alongside the distinctive CP core and a career-related study.

For CP students, DP courses provide the theoretical underpinning and academic rigor of the programme; the career-related study further supports the programme's academic strength and provides practical, real-world approaches to learning; and the CP core helps them to develop skills and competencies required for lifelong learning.

How are teaching and learning organized in the CP?

The CP core bridges each student's chosen DP courses and a career-related study. It includes personal and professional skills, service learning, language development, and a reflective project.

IB World Schools select several DP courses as part of the CP framework.

The career-related study prepares students for higher education, internships or apprenticeship, or a position in a designated field of interest. Each school chooses the career-related courses most suited to local conditions and the needs of its students.

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