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Stevens, Kimberly » Mrs. Stevens: Social Studies

Mrs. Stevens: Social Studies

Hello! I am Elisa P. Stevens, and I am looking forward to my second year with Burke County Public Schools. I really feel at home among the faculty and staff at Burke County High School. I have a passion for history, which I intend to share with all of my students. However, the study of history goes much further than fun and games. It is more than memorizing names and dates; it is the study of how human civilizations have developed and influenced those of today.


I graduated with a Master of Arts degree in History in December 2016. Additionally, I will complete my Master of Arts in Teaching at Georgia Southern University in May 2019. On another note, please be patient with me, as I often talk about my four cats, Sylvie, Oreo, Nora, and Minnie.


Feel free to check out more about me here: https://sites.google.com/georgiasouthern.edu/elisastevens/home.


Tutorial Times: Monday-Friday 7:00 AM-7:40 AM; Monday-Friday Afternoons by Appointment


Class Schedule:

1st Semester:  1st Block: World History 

                         2nd Block: Honors World History

                         3rd Block: World History

                         4th Block: Planning

2nd Semester: 1st Block: Honors World History

                         2nd Block: World History

                         3rd Block: World History

                         4th Block: Planning


Supply List: 3-ring binder with lined notebook paper

                         Black or Blue ink pen(s)

                         Mechanical Pencil(s)