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This is my 2nd year teaching and coaching in the Burke County School System.  I previously taught in the Athens Clarke County School System.  Teaching and coaching provides wonderful opportunities for me to offer guidance, support and assistance to our youth to help them achieve their goals and aspirations in life.  I am an alumni of this fine institution as I am a graduate of the 2005 graduation class.  After receiving my Bachelors degree from The University of Georgia I found myself employed in the career of education and I have decided that this is the career for me.  I am currently pursuing my Masters degree in order to enhance my effectiveness as an educator.  I look forward to meeting the smiling faces of both parents and students alike.
I will be working in both the science department and the English department this year as a Co-Teacher.
Schedule 1st Semester
1st Block: Environmental Science
2nd Block: Planning
3rd Block: Biology
4th Block: Biology
Schedule 2nd Semester
1st Block: 9th Grade Lit
2nd Block 9th Grade Lit
3rd Block: Planning
4th Block: 10th Grade Lit
Tutoring will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday Mornings @7am per request
 Here is the link to form for you to fill out if you are interested in throwing the shot or discus for BCHS!