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Hi! I am Beth Suggs and I look forward to teaching your student this year. I believe that every student must become a lifelong learner in order to serve the needs of our society to the best of his/her ability and that it is my job to enable that occurrence.
I have been teaching at BCHS since 1993, having secured a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Masters degree in Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction, allowing me to have an overview of the various facets of education needed to aid students in their educational journeys. My goal for your student is SUCCESS!


Mission and Vision of BCHS

  Mission:  The mission of the Burke County Public School System is to ignite a passion for learning that leads to 


  Vision:  Our vision is that each student leaves equipped for a world of possibilities.

1st Semester - Reading Enrichment (Read 180)

Reading Enrichment is a reading support course designed to prepare students for the 9th Grade English Language Arts curriculum. This class is designed to support and strengthen student achievement in reading comprehension, writing, and communication skills. We will focus on various types of literacy this semester, specifically enabled by the READ 180 program, while incorporating technology and literature to enhance student learning and preparation for high school careers. The learning goals for this course are:

      • to increase student fluency and lexile levels.
      • to improve typing skills and use technology more efficiently.
      • to produce writing that is clear, coherent, effective, and useful in all aspects of school and life.
2nd Semester - 9th Grade Literature
9th grade Literature is an exciting course that will help you to develop and build your reading, writing, and communication skills.
You will practice these literacy skills through reading, writing, literary analysis, and critical thinking as we work with a large variety
of diverse texts. You’ll be:
  • exploring literature and narrative concepts, both fiction and nonfiction in a variety of genres, purposes, and styles,
  • demonstrating the basics of written expression for a variety of purposes and audiences,
  • developing fundamental writing skills of style, sentence formation, usage/grammar, mechanics, and spelling,
  • developing reading skills to read, interpret, analyze, discuss, and evaluate a variety of texts, authors, and genres,
  • exploring and reflecting on learning through independent and group projects, and
  • discussing relationships between and among the elements of literature including satire, irony, symbolism, and plot.

This course sets the foundation for high school English and prepares students for college while giving them knowledge of the world around them.

1st Semester
1st Block-Reading Enrichment/Read 180
2nd Block-Planning
3rd Block-Reading Enrichment/Read 180
4th Block-Reading Enrichment/Read 180
Second Semester
1st Block-Planning
  2nd Block-9th Grade Literature
3rd Block-9th Grade Literature
4th Block-9th Grade Literature
Need Tutoring? I'm available:
BCHS - Room 103
1057 Burke Veterans Parkway
Waynesboro, GA 30830
Available upon request
(please give me at least one day's notice).
Supply List:       (1) earbuds
                          (2) pens/pencils
                          (3) notebook for note taking
                          (4) chromebook w/charger (Parents, please see that students charge
                                                                      Chromebooks in the evening.)
  1st Block - 34g267g
  3rd Block - lrwqte6
  4th Block - xc3jzht
 (Contact me @706-554-6691)