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What is "You Science"?

YouScience is a survey-like test that  uses game-like exercises to accurately measure a student’s aptitudes. The YouScience method combines  real measures of aptitudes with interests to make more accurate career recommendations. The YouScience Profile helps students confidently set a direction for education and career success by engaging in an online, data-driven career discovery process. It is the only holistic approach that allows young adults to find the intersection of their aptitudes (what they do naturally well), interests (what they love to do) and career opportunities (what the job market needs).The feedback students receive also makes it easy for students to have meaningful dialogue with counselors, advisors, and parents about career choices and life goals.

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Students, after going through the YouScience process and vewing your results, we are sure you recognize the value of the information and feedback the program provided. Please take a moment to let the You Science people know how they did by taking a quick survey. 
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