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Distance/Remote Learning

How are at-home learning classes structured?

Coursework will be available to all students in Google Classroom.

Every student will be presented with four lessons per week followed by a review.  Each lesson will consist of three parts:  Start Here, Guided Practice, and Check for Understanding. Lessons for each day may be presented in one document or in three separate documents, as long as they contain the same components.


  • The Start Here portion is the activating part of the lesson; it should be the teacher introducing the lesson and explicitly teaching.  This may be a live or pre-recorded video. Teachers also have the flexibility to narrate through their instructional resources.
  • The Guided Practice portion of the lesson will give students multiple opportunities to practice and apply what the teacher has taught.  This may be teacher-created or a link to a different platform.
  • Finally, the Check for Understanding portion of the lesson summarizes the learning.  During this portion, students may participate in some type of short-cycle formative assessment that provides immediate feedback, lessening the opportunity for them to repeat learning errors.  


In addition to the four three-part lessons, students will show what they know/can do on two formative assessments. 

Every other Friday, students will review the material and take a summative assessment, which is also completed outside of class  (virtually). 

Students will conclude each week with feedback to the teacher and a reflection of their learning.  Future learning experiences may be modified based on the data generated from the weekly reflections.


How and when can students access LIVE instruction with their teachers?

Since we believe as a district that relationships are a critical component of the learning process, students will also get a chance to participate in whole group LIVE instruction. During the first 45 minutes of each block, students will have an opportunity to interact with both their teachers and classmates, and students are strongly encouraged to participate. The link to join the Google Meet will be located in the header of Google Classroom, and it will go live at the start of each block.


1st Block: starts at 7:50am

2nd Block: starts at 9:35am

3rd Block: starts at 11:10am

4th Block: starts at 1:15pm


During the second half of each block, teachers will host Office House hours, where they will respond to emails, phone calls, and/or offer individual or small group tutoring.



Virtual Learning Visual


How can students access their assignments in Google Classroom?

Once logged in to their Google account, students may access Google Classroom two ways:  (1) visit and select the appropriate course; or (2) go to, select Staff Directory from the Faculty & Staff drop-down menu, choose the teacher and click on the link posted on the teacher’s profile page.

Please note:  students cannot access Google Classroom using a personal email account.  Students must use the username/password provided by the district.


How will each Google Classroom be set up?

The Stream tab will contain a brief overview of topics for the week, the standards being addressed, and any announcements/reminders the teachers feel the students need to know.  

All instruction and course materials will be located under the Classwork tab


How will students be assessed?

Students can expect two graded formative assessments weekly.  Every other week, students will have an opportunity to demonstrate mastery on a mastery assessment. 

We recognize that all students may not be able to log-in and receive instruction at the same time.  We also understand that families need flexibility during this unprecedented time.  The assignments for each week are due the following Monday by 11:59 pm, which means students have 10 days to complete and submit all assignments for the week. 

With that being said, attendance will be taken during the week, and it will be based on student-teacher interaction/correspondence as well as student participation in Google Classroom.


How can I monitor my child's progress?

There are multiple ways to monitor your child's progress. You can (1) access Parent Portal to keep track of grades and attendance; (2) sign up with the teacher to be a "guardian" in each Google Classroom; and/or (3) reach out to your child's counselor and/or teachers.

BCHS's virtual office hours are 8:00AM - 3:00PM. If a student or parent reaches out to a teacher after those hours, then he/she will respond the following day during virtual office hours.