Burke County High School

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Welcome to my classroom website. My name is Irma Elekes-Littles.  I have been teaching at Burke County High School for 10 years.  My assistants are Ms.Denmark and Mr.McCullough. I am looking forward to a great year. If you feel there is something specific that I need to be aware of and I have not contacted you yet, please give me a call. If you have any questions regarding my class please e-mail me using the Contact Form or leave me a message at this number: 706-554-6691.

Daily Schedule



1st Semester


1st Block:     Arrival Time (Social Skills)

                     Attendance, Breakfast (Independence Skills)

                    ELA, Current Events

                    Medication/Tube Feeding

                    Restroom (Self Help Skills, Adapted Skills)

2nd Block:   Circle Time, Sensory Stimulation, Tube Feeding            

                    Math, Community Skills                            

                    Music, Prepare for Adapted P.E

3rd Block:    Adapted P.E Prepare for Lunch

                    Lunch in Cafeteria (Social Skills)

                    Community Skills             

                    Restroom and Prepare for Rest, Relaxing Music, Medication

                    Rest and Leisure Time, Individual Leisure Skills, Therapy

4th Block:    Restroom, Snack, Clean the room, Tube feeding             

                    Computer Time                

                    Art, Music, Dance

                    Restroom, Prepare for dismissal (Letters home)