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As of now, BCHS has 216 total students that qualify for MOWR for the 2017-2018 School Year.  This will be an increase of 168 students from this year.
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Welcome to the Burke County High School Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AF JROTC) information page.

Normal Weekly Schedule:

Monday - Tuesday: Lecture, classroom work

Wednesday: Leadership Day

Thursday: Wear JROTC Uniform, Drill and Ceremony

Friday: Physical Fitness, Wellness
My schedule:
1st period - Plan
2nd period - AS 300
3rd period - Plan
4th period - AS 200
5th period - AS 400
6th period - AS 400
7th period - AS 300



Burke County High School

1057 Perimeter Road

Waynesboro, Georgia 30830


Dear Parents and Guardians,



I would like to personally welcome you and your student to the Burke County High School Air Force Junior ROTC (AFJROTC) program. I know that your student will find AFJROTC both challenging and rewarding. To ensure that both you and your student understand the expectations of the JROTC program, please read the attached documents that outline the curriculum to be covered and class rules and expectations. Please review all documents and sign the last 2 pages and return them with your student back to school to their AFJROTC instructor by Wednesday, August 10, 2016. One form acknowledges receipt of this information and your understanding and the other form is a “Physical Fitness Waiver” form that is mandatory to be signed and returned in order for your student to participate in after-school activities and physical training. There is also a mandatory $20.00 activity fee, please make personal checks out to “BCHS” or pay cash to instructors. This fee is due no later than September 1, 2016.


Classroom supplies needed on back of page.


If you have any questions about AFJROTC or the information in this packet, please feel free to call me, Major Jason Huffman or TSgt Lorenzo Simpson at (706) 554-0059.







Jason R. Huffman, Maj, USAF (Retired)

Senior Aerospace Studies Instructor, GA-933



  1. General Information Letter
  2. Course Syllabus/Grading Criteria
  3. Classroom Rules
  4. Record/Receipt Form (sign and return)
  5. Physical Fitness Waiver (sign and return)Action: Please read and review all items in the packet. Please sign and return the “record/receipt form” and the “physical fitness waiver” along with the $20.00 activity fee.  School Supplies -
  6. All students will be responsible to ensure they are ready for classroom instruction each day. Each student is responsible to have:
  • Notebook paper, College Rule
  • Blue or black pen
  • #2 pencil
  • Notebook for notes
  • 1 can of black shoe polish
  • Cotton balls or polishing ragUniform Items
  • All cadets will be provided with a uniform, at no cost. Cadets will be provided with the following uniform items:
  • **Service coat**
  • **Service pants**
  • **Blue service shirt**
  • White “V” neck T-shirt
  • Black socks
  • Belt and belt buckle
  • Shoes
  • Physical training shirt
  • Physical training shorts(Service coat and pants are dry-clean only and are the responsibility of the student for cleaning) All Cadets must pay a non-refundable activity fee charge of $20.00. This fee helps to cover cost of physical fitness shirt and shorts and JROTC activities like field trips, Military Ball, and Awards Ceremony.Uniform Wear and Grooming Standards –                                                                   Action: Please read and review all items in the packet. Please sign and return the “record/receipt form” and the “physical fitness waiver” along with the $20.00 activity fee.
  • All cadets will be required to wear the AFJROTC uniform every Thursday. This is a major portion of the overall grade. Cadets will be expected to have a clean, neat uniform, shined shoes, and regulation military grooming standards, such as a regulation hair cut, fingernails, and a shaven face.
  • ROTC Activity Fees:
  • (Cadets must wear a white “V” neck only T-shirt under their uniform shirt)
  • **Only clothing items that must be returned**